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            Our responsibilities as bloggers, are to make sure you can relate to your audience as well as showing your own perspective of the issue.  It is important to maintain blogs as bloggers so that your fellow subscribers keep updated. Also, it should be a given that it is kind to be polite and respectful.

             Work. We all do it. It's what happens after receiving your diploma. It is your income, it is your motivation, and it is what will further your knowledge through experience. Whether it will be a job at Mcdonald's or on the executive board of a billion dollar company, work is work. Depends really how you look at it of course. I see it as, how much work did you put into getting that job? How much are you willing to put into that job? and of course, how did you get that job. The difference between my definition and the others is that they are basing it of statistics and business assumptions. If I have learned anything from my Principles of Management class, its this; There are tens of thousands of business assumptions and many or most of them will fail. Therefore, how can we just say that foreigners are going to take our jobs? Because they are cheap? They are cheap because of the service they get and the skills they lack. If you get payed well, that's because you have skill, are well-educated and have motivation to improve yourself.

          As a International business major with a minor in Marketing, Id love to learn more on how to become a better businessman. As a nineteen year old, I accomplished my goal of becoming an Entrepreneur. Its better to start off young so that you can learn from your mistakes and be successful in the future. I'm interested in focusing on my management, communication and organizational skills. I have always had a flaw in organizing, but always have had a drive for success.

Reading Experiences-
Well I will be completely honest. I don't enjoy reading. When I do read though, it's during the day when I am completely focused and my medicine for my ADD has kicked in fully. I only read when I have to study or its my homework assignment. I guess what is beneficial about reading is that I get knowledge from it and somewhat it relaxes me. But if you want to be technical about it, I really enjoy articles that are informative. I enjoy learning about king tut or what product placement is. I can apply this information from these articles or books to my daily life. Does reading tweets count? Because if it does then I would call myself a liar when I said I don;t enjoy reading. Maybe its because I hate long books cause I have no patience for them. Oh well.

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