Design Plans

Design Plan for Photo Essay Medium: For this photo essay I will be using either or PowerPoint for my medium. is a fun and creative way to show slideshows by using shapes like circles or squares. Also, it has a variety of fun backgrounds to use absolutely free. My ladder, PowerPoint, is a rather better alternative because it is what most people are used to. Plus, there is much more options to choose from and it is also free. Arrangement: My arrangement will consist of multiple photos. To switch things up, I was thinking of shooting everything in first- person. I want to do that because I think it is unique photography and also it will be easier to follow through the story line. Secondly, the narration will consist of both captions and a paragraph on each slide. I will have a narrative on the first slide, and captions will be underneath each photograph. Strategies: As I explained in my statement of purpose, my essay will argue that video gaming during school days distracts students from their education. I will use target segmentation so my essay will be easier to follow. What I mean is, by targeting a certain group, which will be my section mates in Pope Hall, will make my argument easier to pertain to. Ill be taking pictures of: us playing video games, not being able to sleep, distracted from doing homework, how many game systems there are, etc. Ethos- I need to show the importance on why gaming during the school days is distracting and show the outcome of it. From personal experience, I know gaming distracts education and I need to get my peers to see that I truly do know what I am talking about. Pathos- To clarify, my thoughts on this topic are personal because I can relate to this matter. I claim this topic to be used with serious emotions, as it is a serious topic to write about. Logos- I will be as serious as possible and reason with logic to the greatest extent.

                                                Design Plan- Argument Synthesis
Medium: For my argument synthesis essay I will be using Microsoft Word as my medium. This way I can put all my thoughts and ideas into one document. In the end, it will look organized and have all the requirements needed for a medium in the essay.
Arrangement: My arrangements for this essay will consist of articles given to me along with my opinions and ideas. However, I will explain logically and using knowledge from the articles as well as personal opinions and experience.
Strategies: I will state both sides of the argument and dictate which side I choose after. Then, I will come up with topic sentences and place quotes from the articles into each paragraph that is necessary.
Pathos- I need to show that I am passionate for this argument, otherwise, my audience will not see I am serious about it. I will use robust personal examples to grab their attention.
Ethos- I have personal experience as a way to show expertise of the argument. My audience will know that I have a clear understanding of my argument.
Logos- My plan is to plan this out using an outline and basing it off my outline. In conclusion, it will be structured well.

                                               Design Plan- Research Paper
Medium: For my research paper I will use Microsoft word.Easy to use and is perfect for a research paper because it will be organized. Also, I will use headers; therefore I need Word.
Arrangement: I will be collecting multiple articles, books, and journals to get the research I need for stereotypes.
Stradegies: I will explain my reasoning of why stereotyping is bad with the support of my research and analogies.
Pathos: I will show my seriousness on this topic by using information that is relevant to the issue.
Ethos- I know much about stereotypes because people always stereotype me for all the wrong reasons. I will give them a great understanding of the issue.
Logos- My plan is to use research, primary and secondary data, examples, and personal experience's to follow my planned and organized outline.

                                                Design Plan- Visual Rhetorical Analysis
Medium- I will be using Microsoft word. I will also be putting pictures inside. This may be difficult because I am not sure how to do it.
Arrangement- I will use PETA's homepage to analyze and describe. As well as, taking screenshots of the homepage to describe what I am seeing.
Strategies- I will describe what I am seeing and use a lot of imagery.
Pathos- I will show how interested I am in PETA by using good examples.
Ethos- I have two dogs and I can pertain to PETA and animal rights.
Logos- The game plan is to go picture to picture and describe each of them. Also, I will explain what everything means. (colors, etc...)

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