Final Reflection

Overall, I think I deserve a B/B-. To support my argument, I will now go into a 23 step process of....JK So I know I slack a ton in this class, but I honestly think that it was to fast paced for me to begin with. I get everything turned in, just late. I show up to a majority of classes and make the class laugh. Typically I have good essays and I just turned in paper 3 and 4 in a matter of a week. Talk about time crunch. I stressed and stressed my self time after time to get these papers turned in. I finally turned them in. I really did learn a ton in this class and I would recommend you to any of my friends trying to take CW2. In conclusion, although I turn in late work, and mess around, I only mean well. Although I would enjoy an A, I know I messed up with all the late work and missed classes. Therefore, I believe I should at least get a B or a B- Thanks Doc.

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