The photo essay
Well, well... This was a totally new experience for me. I have NEVER done an essay where photography was the main focus. Make sure it's centered right, framed, etc... I truly did enjoy doing it though. I mean, my first idea about how music can help make new friends as an upcoming freshman was not a success. It would have been if it was a persuasive essay and with out visual context. So, I couldn't figure out what kind of pictures to take. So I completely turned the tables and talked about how video games are distracting to college students during school days. Now, I chose this topic because I had support for it by using my own personal experience to explain my accusation. I truly think it went well, although, I think I could of done it better on Powerpoint then I used Prezi because I thought it would be creative, since no one else did use it. Anyways, It was fun to do and I would recommend to do this to a class in 4 more years. I can tell this is an evolution kind of thing and that it is your theory that this is the generation to do it...But honestly, it isn't quite ready for our generation.

Visual/Rhetorical analysis Paper
To be honest, I did not really understand nor like this paper. It flew by and I can't really recall anything about it. Besides, I have not even received a grade for it yet. It was difficult for me to put pictures, but after the second you told me to put them, I did. I forgot to put the images up, but I figured it out. Overall, I would not recommend doing it again because it was not very clear to me.

Research Paper
    This essay got the best of me. I cannot explain how much of a pain in the ass it was to write such a long essay along with an annotated bibliography. On the bright side, I did a topic that I truly enjoy. Although it was a little bit messy, I feel that you guys will still enjoy it as much as I have. Im not going to lie, this stressed me out the most and I actually had to go to a therapist just to relieve some stress. Its crazy how you let a paper get to you... Well other than that, it was a great paper to discuss and the research was easy to find and my reasoning was logical.

Argument Synthesis Paper
    In all honesty, this was one of my favorite essays yet. It was simple. I could relate to it. And I like to prove a point. I thought it all worked out well and I am hoping for the best. Not to much to say about it because I feel confident about it.

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